UFO Watchtower

"Coming to you from the heart of the
Mystical San Luis Valley"...

Saguache County, Colorado USA

*GPS's are giving wrong directions to the entrance*
Please enter off HWY 17
Located 2 miles N. of Hooper, CO 
(scroll down for map)
Watch for the Alien signs!

Camping is $20 PER night PER tent
NO reservation needed
             CAMPFIRES PERMITTED        
** depending on WIND
   & RED FLAG Warnings
    (Check postings at the tower)
RVs (no hookups) are welcome to camp
 only campers are permitted after 5pm
due to thefts and vandalism.
Campers call 719-378-2296

10am - 4pm

$5.00 per person
under 6 years old FREE
Contact Judy for required Fee

The beginning... 
Have you ever wondered what a real UFO looks like?
Have you ever wondered if there is life on other planets?
Judy Messoline of Hooper, Colorado, has wondered the same thing.

Judy's favorite TV shows were "Sightings" & "X~Files".  After watching show after show, she realized she was hearing things like "GREAT SAND DUNES" & "SAN LUIS VALLEY" on many episodes of these programs. 

With this in mind, Judy had an idea!
She has created the first  (that I am aware of) UFO WatchTower®
VICE Video Interview

Snippy the Horse
As seen on "Ancient Aliens"!

On September 7, 1967, near the town of Alamosa in the San Luis Valley, Snippy, a 3-year-old Appaloosa, failed to return to the Harry King Ranch where she was stabled. Two days later, Mr. King (the ranch owner) discovered Snippy's remains roughly a quarter-mile from the ranch house. According to his account, the neck and head had been completely stripped of flesh, leaving nothing but bare, seemingly sun-bleached, white bone, while the remainder of
the mare remained unscathed.

Come on by the UFO WatchTower® 
for some interesting chit chat about ufos, aliens, abductions, paranormal, and just about everything else in the cosmos!
You never know who you will run into at the UFO WatchTower® for a little conversation!!

Do you live on the other side of the world and can't get to the UFO WATCHTOWER ?

    Come on over to the virtual UFO WATCHTOWER       in a cool place called Second Life
( for some chit chat on many topics from
abductions to sightings.
You never know who your really talking to at the virtual UFO Watchtower. Group Meetings Welcome

Even the aliens show up for a visit at the
Second Life UFO Watchtower.
Grab a UFO while your there and go for a fly!
Teleport over anytime ! We are always open! This is the slurl directly to the Virtual UFO Watchtower:

Viewer Download and Avatar Required.
Available at at no cost to you.
(Second Life is adults only)

(GROUP MEETINGS CAN RESUME at this new location)


"That Crazy Lady Down the Road"
- by Judy Messoline is now for sale!!

All orders from this website will receive free shipping. (USA ONLY free shipping)
Send payment of $15.00 to

UFO Watchtower
PO Box 522
Hooper, CO 81136
or we will accept Paypal sent to
Those who wish to use a credit card can
call Judy at 719-378-2296
Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Read about the experiences at the
UFO Watchtower and
stories from other places as well.
A real eye opener!!

Contact Judy at:


The Extraterrestrial Gratitude Rock
Directions for use:
Place in pocket or purse.
Each time the rock is touched,
THANK the Universe for your

Only $2.50 each. Shipping included
Call 719-378-2296

Video Interview


-Slow for pedestrians,   cars and dust
-Use trash bags and deposit them in   the dumpster
-Do NOT put trash in the fire pits and
 do NOT move the rocks around them
-Do NOT move the reels from the camp   spot
-Keep dogs with you
-NO firearms, pellet and BB guns   permitted on the property
-Bring your own water, firewood and   trash bag

•  military night vision equipment
•  black helicopter • access hatch
•  large nautical compass • jet packs

•  geiger counter • light beam
•  heavy duty metal detector •steel     benches/seat belts • lasers 
•  flying objects of all kinds  • helium
•  phonebooth • playground     equipment• biohazard suits
•  aerial photos of the valley
•FLAGs military - American -pow -MIA
• chairs• BIG satellite dishes
• picnic tables • moonrocks
• seismograph equipment
• dollars & cents • star charts/maps
• 55 gallon drums of outdoor silver       reflective paint merry-go-round
• reflective vinyl • weather balloons
• golf carts • 4-wheeler/trailer


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